Adding new suppliers and tech into our roster mix can be a nightmare…

We understand how time consuming and potentially problematic onboarding a new partner can be. Especially when there is technology involved.

Digital Mill was born out of a vision to make life easier for brands to create the huge amount of assets required to fulfil multi-channel media plans. We have deliberately kept it simple as we are aware that every brand and agency does things slightly differently. We know that we will need to integrate with perfectly tuned processes and technologies that have been assimilated over several years and carefully pieced together to offer optimum performance. We know this because we have decades of experience of doing this ourselves.

Our automated platform was created to remove the burden of undertaking repetitive tasks and to simplify the process of taking master assets and versioning. We have supplementary and complimentary skillsets around the technology and understand every step of the creative and production process.

We will initially discuss your overall requirements and talk you through the different solutions available. Whilst our focus is on automating the versioning process, to make this process flow smoothly we need to understand your processes and capabilities so we can build a solution around you that fits your business perfectly.

Based on this proposed solution we will implement our process for you based around key pillars.

Brief – we will work with you to deeply understand your brand and delivery requirements and create the perfect briefing process using our project management platform.

Assessment/pilot – we will run through case scenarios and test projects so we can understand SLAs and time expectations from both sides

Integrations – we can integrate with any platforms you need us to. Or none – whatever you need.

Ongoing operational automated production – from this point on we will be looking for ways to improve efficiencies, adapting and finessing processes where required.

Please get in touch, we would love to work with you.



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