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Frequently Asked Questions

With decades of experience under our belt, we’ve gotten to know a thing or two about the challenges our clients’ face. Everything we think you should know is listed below. For anything more, drop us a line.

What is creative automation?

A process that uses technology to efficiently scale the content production process. It can provide you with large volumes of high-quality digital assets for multi-or omni-channel digital advertising campaigns.

The process takes original video, HTML5, or static creative and adapts them into different sizes and formats. And, depending on the channels you wish to utilise, turns one asset into thousands in a fraction of the time it would take when done manually.

By automating parts of the production workflow, creative automation reduces the number of repetitive tasks associated with digital asset production and allows you to focus key resources where they’re needed most.

Do templates constrain creativity?

In short: no, it doesn’t.

We don’t use generic templates; every template is bespoke and created exclusively for the creative we are working with.

It’s useful to think about our templating concept as a way to make creative follow certain rules during large-scale production. For example, if you want to create a suite of HTML5 banners that work across multiple channels and markets, it makes sense to define exactly how different languages will display or how images will be switched in and out for different size variants. Our bespoke templates ensure these rules are followed.

How does pricing work?

We offer everything from individual project fees to as-a-Service subscription models. Our pricing is flexible and adjusted to each of our clients’ needs. Please send us your requirements and we can make it work for you. For more information please visit the How it works page.

What formats do you support?

HTML5, Video (MOVs and MP4), Statics (PNG and JPG) and HTML. For a full list of supported channels, please visit the How it works page.

What other services do you offer?

To maximise the value of creative automation you may need a large amount of original creative assets cropped or edited to fit within our bespoke templates. We have a team of 160 production experts ready to help you with these time-consuming manual tasks. We can also provide creative and copywriting support if required.

Is Digital Mill a self-serve platform?

We provide a fully managed service that takes advantage of both real humans and technology to provide the best of both worlds.

Please visit the How it works page for more details.

Do we have to create the templates?

No, that’s our job. It’s all part of the managed service.

We’ll work closely with your teams as part of the initial briefing and onboarding process to ensure you’re happy with the templates we produce.

Can you integrate with my existing tech stack?

Yes, we can. All we need is your API or SDK and any available documentation.