Building a strong partnership
“Adding new suppliers and tech into our roster mix can be a nightmare…”

All brands and agencies do things their own way, which can make onboarding a new production partner a time-consuming and problematic process, especially when new technology is involved.

There is no one size fits all solution for producing large quantities of assets for multi-channel media plans. What if there was a way to keep things simple and transparent from the start?

Here at Digital Mill, we’re uniquely positioned to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes. By leveraging decades of experience and innovative technology, our approach delivers the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and quality.

We combine cutting-edge automation technology with human production expertise to deliver huge volumes of branded assets. Our automated platform eliminates the burden of large-scale repetitive versioning and production tasks, and our experienced staff use their deep industry expertise to deliver a simple and effective process.

Onboarding with us is simple. We discuss your requirements, learn about your processes, and talk you through the different services available. Then we create a bespoke solution based entirely on your business and needs.

A basic onboarding process could look like this:


We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your business and delivery requirements and create a seamless briefing procedure using our project management platform.

Assessment / Pilot

We analyse your brand and creative approach, then our team carefully manages a pilot project to help define service-level agreements, time expectations, and delivery.


We’re able to integrate with any platform, or we can provide a completely standalone service – whatever you need.

Ongoing operational automated production

From this point, we will be ready to get to work in an instant, but we’ll always look for ways to improve efficiency.

Onboarding doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We’re experts in connecting people and technology – it’s what our business is built on.

Scalable content specialists.