Localisation made easy
“Our creative needs adapting for any territory accurately. It's a specialist job”

Bespoke templating, deep industry experience, and global market insights eliminate versioning inaccuracies

We know that every market is different. And adapting creative for new territories means you likely create hundreds or thousands of content variants to meet demand. How can you maintain control in such a complicated production cycle?

It’s no secret that localising and versioning assets for new language markets isn’t as straightforward as just hitting “translate” and replacing the copy. The entire process requires a deep understanding of market preferences, which makes it essential to adapt everything from images and animations to messaging and brand elements to achieve something suitable for each individual market.

Digital Mill can help you ensure your versioning process is error-free and fit for market every time:

Stage 1 –– translation

Using our deep industry experience, we’re able to integrate seamlessly with your translation/language partner. At this stage, we work hard to get the copy and formats we need to create impactful content versions that resonate with their intended audience. Or, if you need an introduction to a world-leading translation partner, we can make that happen too.

Stage 2 –– bespoke templating

Our bespoke templating model ensures that every asset version we produce includes the right messages and visuals. We build unique templates based on your master creative for use with our automated production platform. The templates define how images should be used and where elements like written copy, language variants, call to actions, colours, animations, and audio tracks can be placed.

Stage 3 –– automated production

Our automated platform gets to work and produces all the assets you need to succeed in every market. Turnaround times can be as quick as 24hrs.

Scalable content specialists.