Quality is assured
“We don't believe templated production is flexible enough to keep our creative looking great”

Digital Mill doesn’t use generic templates; every template is bespoke and created exclusively for the creative we are working with. Delivering high quality creative executions is our top priority.

Using generic templates in automated production processes guarantees only one thing: sub-par creative. To achieve maximum impact and variety across every creative execution, we develop bespoke templates that are based exclusively on your original master assets.

For every project, our team builds unique layered templates for use with our automated production platform. The templates define how images should be used and where elements like written copy, language variants, call to actions, colours, animations, and audio tracks can be placed. There are virtually no limitations to what elements can be templated.

It’s useful to think about our templating concept as a method to make creative follow certain rules during large-scale production. For example, if you wanted to create a suite of HTML5 banners that work across multiple channels and markets, our bespoke templates would define exactly how different languages and images can be displayed. Through this method, we’re able to deliver thousands of unique, impactful, and consistent assets in a matter of hours.

So, if you give us great looking master creatives, we can guarantee that they stay that way across every possible format and variant.

Scalable content specialists.