Flexible and quick
“We need the flexibility to make changes at scale as the campaign evolves.”

Bespoke templating gives you the power to make changes on the fly with minimal impact on lead times.

Marketing campaigns are often prone to change. As needs and objectives evolve, brands must adapt their approach and expand their output. But the reality of following through with such changes can be costly, impractical, and time-consuming. What if there was a way to achieve a faster, more flexible versioning and production process?

For every project, our team builds unique templates based on master creatives for use with our automated production platform. The templates define how images should be used and where elements like written copy, call to actions, and colours can be placed. This flexible approach allows us to quickly adapt content production to meet new needs and ensures all our partners can benefit from an agile production process and faster lead times.

Let’s take a quick look at how bespoke templates can help you respond to evolving campaign and content needs with a basic example project:

Initial campaign needs

  • You’re soft launching a new product to generate awareness and gauge market interest.
  • You decide to run a small campaign across display and social using two formats on each (HTML5 and video).
  • You want to test different messaging/CTAs, highlight key product benefits and use multiple different images/animations – so we build 4 bespoke templates for you.
  • Digital Mill’s automated platform uses the templates to create all the required variants in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

Campaign performance and review

  • The campaign is a success and your ads performed well across both channels.
  • You decide to expand the campaign to cover other channels/formats/sizes and across multiple markets (languages).
  • You brief us on your additional requirements, and we get to work.

Campaign 2.0

  • Using the original campaign templating framework, we quickly build the extra templates needed and ensure existing templates will work across different languages.
  • Our automated platform does all the heavy lifting, and we provide you with all the assets you need to build on your initial success.

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